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About Mashfa

Who we are

We are a certified social business approved by Monsha’at (Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority) in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development under the National Transformation Program.

As a business, Mashfa has a clear social mission that serves different community segments as a business. The profit we generate comes from selling services related to our social mission to create a social impact.

About Mashfa

Mashfa Story

It is common to find people, regardless of their education level, look at health as a matter of cause and effect rather than a lifestyle choice that impacts our overall well-being. This distorted perception could result from misguidance and inadequate health literacy that prevent them from adequately using health information in their best interest. Therefore, Mashfa was established to actively contribute to health literacy by acting as the guide that empowers people to be in charge of their health and well-being by having access to knowledge and advice and finding solutions that suit their needs

About Mashfa

Mashfa Brand Promise

To strategically contribute to encouraging health and wellbeing literacy and support people with finding, comprehending and using health information in their best interest.

Because in a health literate community people:

  • Are able to use health information
  • Are able to make "well-informed" decisions
  • Adopt a public health perspective
  • Acknowledge the role of organizations in increasing health literacy

Mashfa Vision, Mission & Values

mashfa holds a set of prensiples that guide the company though its journey in serving people

Our Vision

To be the trusted name that guides people to live a rewarding life

Our Mission

To contribute to developing a health literate community – by fostering a culture of knowledge–sharing, where every person is empowered to take an active role in managing, sustaining and celebrating their wellbeing based on educated decisions

Our Values


We strive to share information internally and externally. We share knowledge with our customers to help them achieve their aspirations.


Integrity is one of our most valuable assets, as it is why people trust us. Our integrity stems from adhering to ethical conduct, transparency, respect and consistency that drive every action and decision we make.


We put the needs of patients at the centre of everything we do by providing services that respond to their preferences and needs.

Advancement & Innovation

We respond effectively to the dynamic healthcare industry and the ever-changing demand

Mashfa Team

Our team consists of dedicated professionals in the field of technology and healthcare. Who using a people centric approach aims to utilize technology to empower people and provide them with opportunities