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Mashfa Benefits:
Experience continuous care with unlimited consultations

Always Free


Annual subscription of 60 Saudi riyals / year

Annual subscription of 70 Saudi riyals / year

Digital membership Immediate issuance of the card Immediate issuance of the card Immediate issuance of the card
Reward points - 100 Welcoming points 100 Welcoming Points
Loyalty points - 1 point for every Riyal 1 point for every Riyal
Priority booking - Yes Yes
Offers and discounts Limited Yes Yes
Exclusive offers - Yes Yes
Early and exclusive shopping for offers, Save before everyone else! Offers start early exclusively for hospital membership holders - Yes Yes
Free services and vouchers - Yes Yes
Longer validity period for purchase vouchers - Yes Yes


60 SAR / 12 month

Billed every 12 months

70 SAR / 12 month

Billed every 12 months

What does Mashfa Benefits offers you?

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Flash Offers

Exclusive and limited-time offers

Daily Deals

Save and enjoy more with daily updated deals and special discounts

Special Deals

Special discounts and benefits provided in agreement with service providers

Earn Points

Receive a reward when you subscribe or renew your subscription

Top Medical Benefits

When you join Mashfa membership, you can enjoy numerous benefits based on your membership category, including discounts on medical services, therapeutic treatments, beauty procedures, and bookings. In addition, you earn reward points on purchases from Mashfa website or app, get free credit, and much more.

Why to join mashfa benefits ?

Exclusive Discounts

Receive an immediate discount of up to 80% on some services at a wide network of healthcare providers across all regions of the Kingdom.

Service Providers Network

A list that includes a group of the best hospitals, medical and therapeutic centers, clinics, radiology centers, analysis laboratories, home care providers, and telemedicine services.

All Community Segments

All segments of the society, whether citizens, residents, or visitors, can benefit from the membership when they join the program. There are no restrictions based on age, gender, or health status of the subscriber.

Continuous Growth

The network of service providers continues to grow, so make sure to follow the new entities that are constantly added to our network.

All Specialties

The membership covers all medical and cosmetic specialties, surgical operations, tests, radiology, medications, eyewear, etc.

Unlimited Use Cap

The card gives you an open ceiling in dealing without restricting you to a certain usage limit.

mashfa is a leading medical services provider, founded in 2020 and we are experts in providing the best plans for our customers

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Frequent asked questions

We\'ve designed your membership to make you happy and health

- A copy of personal identification (identity | residence | passport)
- Fill out the membership application form
- Pay the annual subscription fee
- Download Mashfa application and enjoy the services
- Through the website
- Through Mashfa application
- Call the unified number
Membership is activated immediately upon issuance and can be used immediately upon obtaining it.
- The scope of the discount varies according to the health care provider's plan and the type of service provided.
- Mashfa membership members must pay for health care services after they receive the discount indicated by the service providers.
- The discount is applied to the base price of the services upon presentation of membership.
- The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts offered by the discount providers.
- We ask our members to refer to the medical entity’s page on the website and smart applications to view the terms and conditions related to service provision and the discount percentage before purchasing services or packages.
- The card/membership remains valid for one year starting from the date of its issuance.
- Membership is used exclusively by its owner whose name is written on it, and proof of identity must be presented upon request.
- In the case of a family membership, an additional card must be issued to each family member separately.
- The "hospital card" is not responsible for any results of the treatment, the development of the patient's condition, or any other damages.
- Membership fees are non-refundable or transferable.