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True Fact

The Best Work-Place…Ever!

Imagine yourself a year from now leading an energetic workforce; where employees are ready to move mountains for the business to flourish…In meeting rooms, there are lively discussions and exchange of great ideas…Customers service is second to none; your team is excellent in winning the hearts and minds of your clients, which keeps them coming back for more…

The business is growing,
profits are soaring high,
and your organization reputation is outstanding!

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

As an expert, you recognize the link between a great work culture and excellent performance; engaged employees means a progressive business. Therefore, you have invested time and effort into developing a solid employee retention strategy to reduce turnover, increase morale, achieve productivity, and foster employees’ engagement.

But for some reason, employees are not engaged as you want them to be and you do not know why

Elevate your Employee's Retention Strategy Today!

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Mashfa Wisdom

Disengaged Employees Can Hurt your Business

  1. You notice an increase in absenteeism; not a week goes by without a questionable number of employees applying for a sick leave
  2. Your best talents are slipping out of your hands; resigning and looking for new opportunities and
  3. Department managers are livid; they complain about disengaged team members who do not seem bothered at all with where the organisation is going

It is absolute agony!

Your frustration may lead you to look for articles from Harvard Business Review on employees’ engagement and download detailed guides on employees’ retention to gain some insights, but the more you dive into the topic, the more overwhelmed you become.

We know exactly how you feel; that’s why we are here to offer you some guidance!

Explore New Techniques to Engage Your Employees

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Healthy Employees = Better Organisational Performance

Mashfa’s solution for corporate relies on employees’ health and wellbeing.

Yes! Employees’ health and wellbeing are areas that many business leaders tend to overlook when designing employees’ retention plans and initiatives

Research has proved that higher levels of workplace wellbeing correlate with higher productivity and happiness amongst employees. It will also often improve a company's profitability and efficiency.

Do not worry, we will not ask you to hire expensive consultants to design specific employees health and wellbeing programs, nor we will ask you to attend difficult to pass wellness courses.

We know employees’ health & well-being might not be your area of expertise, and even if you are interested, busy business leaders like you have tons of responsibilities to attend to and may not have the time to handle yet further responsibilities.

Discover our Plug-and-Play Solution for Employees Wellness

How Can Mashfa Help My Business Retain Employees?

Mashfa works as a comprehensive tool that will help you accelerate employees’ retention and engagement through health and wellbeing packages

Our tool;

  • Provides you with a sustainable and employees driven solution that fits with your organization needs so that you can see immediate improvements
  • Helps you spend less time and effort on creating employees’ health and well-being programs so you can focus better on your core responsibilities and tasks

Health Packages
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Why It Is Important to Invest In Employees Wellness Programs?

Not resolving issues relevant to employees’ health and wellbeing means:

  • A disruptive work cycle and decreased productivity.
  • As the organisation grows, you need to have a reliable team to run the business. Still, with the poor retention rate, you will be wasting your resources on recruiting new employees and training replacements.
  • The morale of your current employees will remain low, and they will not be as engaged and committed as they should be for your company to progress.

If you are lucky, you may be able to acquire competent new employees, but remember; talent acquisition, recruitment and training is a lengthy process.

Also, how will you justify the resources put into hiring new employees to your management over and over again?

Or reverse the damage to your company’s reputation as a result of high turnover?

Prioritise Your Employees’ Health & Wellbeing

How Is Mashfa Different

We offer you a personalised health and wellness journey

Well crafted packages

Mashfa’s health packages are tailormade. They are designed to meet your individual needs as we do not believe in the principle of one size fits all

Done by experts

Mashfa’s solution is developed by health and wellbeing experts for people who value their health & well-being

A step by step guide:

  1. 1- Go to to access the web version or download our application! we are available on Google Play and APP store
  2. 2- Create a new account by filling in the registration form
  3. 3- Choose packages that fits with your organization culture and the needs of your employees
  4. 4- Complete your purchase of the package using the approved payment methods
  5. 5- Send the registration link to your employee and ask them to join! They can use their work email for registration. We have your company domain registered so any of your employee can join in no time and benefit from our packages right away!